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Pop-Culture Isolation is basically a case of pop-culture myopia of sorts, where celebrities, music genres, media or events are huge and significant in one subculture or ethnic group, but elsewhere nobody knows they exists or is indifferent to them altogether.

We're not talking about separate countries here, but the same country or region.

May lead to Germans Love David Hasselhoff or Americans Hate Tingle. This trope along with Public Medium Ignorance goes together like peanut butter & jelly. Compare with Fan Myopia, which is when the fans of a particular form of pop culture believe it to be far more well-known amongst the general public than it actually is. The Hull-born actor is a familiar face to theatre-goers across the UK.He has also enjoyed small parts in major movies such as last year’s Beauty And The Beast and the film version of Les Misérables.A lot of this is especially prevalent in entertainment media, affecting music in particular (radio is usually fingered as being the main cause, as it was and still is very isolated in terms of programming and format, leading to accusations of segregation).Let's face it, there are cultural barriers, and people thrive in their own microcosm.

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